Brothers and Estate Agents With Big Ambitions

Made in Deptford in 2018, Strickland & Co launched with a refreshing new approach to change the property market by providing the best customer experience and to challenge the status quo of how estate agents operated.

We are bold, brave and have over 22 years of independent and corporate experience behind us. We are not your ‘usual suspects’ – brothers and best friends who live life full of happiness and excitement. We were born and raised in South East London and now live, work and socialise in our local communities.

Having worked with the big companies we know what they do well – however we also know what they don’t do so well. We have blended the best aspects of a corporate agent with the benefits of a friendly, independent agent. Which allows us to deliver a service that is honest and transparent while being cutting-edge and results driven. We provide you with everything you would expect from an estate agent minus the ‘sales pitch’. Our results speak for themselves.

Customer excellence remains at the core of our business along with human connection, while modern technology runs in the background to deliver effective results for our clients. We offer an unparalleled, personalised and flexible service available 24/7. We make the process of buying, selling and renting a happy, memorable experience that fits seamlessly into modern-day living.

Jamie Crowder

Whether I am at a coffee shop, supermarket or enjoying a meal out with friends, being on the receiving end of outstanding service is something that I talk about daily. We live in a digital age and I want to make every client love the Strickland & Co. brand and shout about it from the roof tops. Customer advocacy plays a fundamental part of our business – if you’re happy then we are too!

You may have been expecting to see the usual biography – my qualifications & experience – however we like to do things differently at Strickland & Co.

Feel free to contact me by phone, email or social media and it would be great to connect.

Terence Crowder

I stand proud having called myself an estate agent for over a decade, and I have held many notable roles during my career. Like my Brother I have the desire to pioneer a service and a company that is truly built around client satisfaction. Selling or renting property does not need to be complex. With a human touch, local knowledge and a smile you will have a great experience with Strickland & Co.

Reach out to me on social media, phone or email and it would be a pleasure to talk.

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